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Download the HateCheck test suites and evaluate the performance of your hate speech detection models. Any questions? Contact the team.

‘HateCheck: Functional Tests for Hate Speech Detection Models’ is authored by Paul Röttger, Bertram Vidgen, Dong Nguyen, Zeerak Waseem, Helen Margetts, and Janet B. Pierrehumbert, and published at ACL 2021 (Main Conference).

‘Hatemoji: A Test Suite and Adversarially-Generated Dataset for Benchmarking and Detecting Emoji-based Hate‘ was published at NAACL 2022. It was co-authored by Hannah Rose Kirk, Bertie Vidgen, Paul Röttger, Tristan Thrush, and Scott A. Hale.

‘Multilingual HateCheck: Functional Tests for Multilingual Hate Speech Detection Models’ was published at the Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms at NAACL 2022. It was co-authored by Paul Röttger, Haitham Seelawi, Debora Nozza, Zeerak Talat, and Bertie Vidgen.